Reading suggestions for this summer

  • The Language Arts Department and Administration at Sun Valley acknowledge that times are difficult for our Vanguard families amidst the current pandemic situation and school closure. Therefore, with the exception of Advanced Placement courses, we have decided to waive the required Summer Reading assignments for Grades 9-12 this summer.

    However, we continue to believe strongly in the value of reading over the summer months, so our English teachers have compiled a list of OPTIONAL titles for students to consider while selecting their summer books.

    Use this web section to explore recommended reading for our students as well as required reading for our AP students.  Or simply download the PDF with all the information you need.  

    We look forward to returning to our classrooms for reading and writing fun with our students in the 2020-2021 school year!

  • Summer Reading Philosophy

    The Language Arts Department at Sun Valley High School believes reading enriches a student’s academic experience and greatly rewards future endeavors. Reading over the summer not only strengthens previous learning, but lays the groundwork for the next school year. Summer reading programs support students in the following ways:

    • Previews themes and motifs of upcoming courses
    • Enhances critical thinking and provides enrichment opportunities
    • Commonality of texts promotes student -to- student discussion
    • Introduces an array of genres
    • Encourages them to read for enjoyment
    • Combats the loss of reading achievement over the summer

Two ways to check out books for FREE


    SV MIC: Destiny
    Even though the school building is closed, you can still read our ebooks & audiobooks! Read them from any device, including your Chromebook. Click on the link, choose Sun Valley, and log in to Destiny using your PDSD Google credentials. Look up books by title, subject or author.