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Local Wawa GM's encourage reading at Northley

WAWA GM's celebrate at Northley

ELA teacher Christa Ventura joins Wawa GM's Bob Doherty and

Melissa Cruser in celebrating Northley Sixth Graders

It was a day of encouragement and celebration at Northley Middle School October 24th as sixth grade ELA students prepared to close the first marketing period.   Reading Counts goals and quarterly exams were just ahead and the ELA Department was proud of their efforts toward success.   
As students gathered in the cafeteria for the special event, they were greeted by General Managers Bob Doherty of Brookhaven Wawa and Melissa Cruser of Aston-- with donuts for all.
The brainchild of the ELA Department at Northley, the team gathered names of local businesses in the area to reach out for support.  Both Aston and Brookhaven Wawa locations offered to join the celebration and bring goodies too.
“We thought Wawa would be a great business to reach out to because students love all that Wawa offers,” explained sixth grade ELA teacher Christa Ventura. 
“Wawa is an integral part of our community as they provide jobs for local families and eventually our students.”
The local Wawa locations offered the donut donations, while Pizza Hut and Sky Zone also sent promotional products to encourage students.   But a special request from Wawa general managers to personally be a part of the day was an unexpected surprise.
“Young people need to know that they are valued and have a place in the community early in life,” said Aston General Manager Melissa Cruser.  “Celebrating their educational success is part of what it means to me to be a good neighbor.”
Students at the event were grateful for the encouragement and recognition from one of their favorite businesses in the area.
Sixth grade student Kendall DiMeglio truly appreciated the gesture.
 “It was nice and supportive! They even said that they have kids too and they know how hard we work and they are proud of us. It was a nice surprise treat.”
Six grader Jacob Garrity agreed:
 “I thought it was a cool idea! They gave us donuts and talked to us about finishing the marking period strong.”

GM's celebrate at Northley


Wawa GMs speak to Northley sixth graders about achievement.

The event was a true group effort with administration, local business, and the ELA Department contributing.  Even Mr. Tyler Mertens at Sun Valley High School pitched in, creating the custom Wawa welcome poster for the event. 
Ventura hopes that the encouragement continues to fire enthusiasm for reading into the next marking period.
“Sixth graders are definitely excited about reading their independent books this year,” she notes.   “They get excited when it is time for Reading Workshop during our block, and often ask for the time to read at other points in the period too. We will be checking their goals they set for the first marking period see how they did with achieving them.” 
Students like Ava Hughes enjoyed the celebrations and continues to work toward her goals.
“They realized that we worked hard and sometimes it is not easy. I was really excited because I love donuts!”