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New Electronic Absence Notes


Submitting Electronic Absence Notes


Electronically submitted absence notes are accepted at PDSD schools.  Please follow the submission requirements below:


  • Parent/guardian prints out and completes the Absence/Late/Early Dismissal Note form (below).  The form must be fully completed, signed, and dated.
  • Parent/guardian scans or takes a picture of the signed form.
  • Parent attaches the scan/picture to an email.
  • Parent/guardian sends the email with note attached to the designated school email address for absence notes.  (Each school has its own attendance email account.)
    Email must be sent from email address on record in eSchool.


    Please note: 
    • Electronic signatures will not be accepted.  Absence notes must be hand-signed by parent/guardian.
    • Only emails with a signed and dated absence note attached will be accepted.
    • Emailed notes must be sent directly to the designated email account for each school (see above).  Staff may not forward absence note emails to the designated account.
    • Absence note forms must be fully completed.
    • The designated email account is for absence notes only.  All other content should be sent to the appropriate school staff member directly.