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Information on School Delays and Closings due to inclement weather

Have you ever wondered how the district determines whether or not to close school during inclement weather?


Here’s a look into the process…


The Superintendent assesses the weather conditions at 4:00 am on days when schools may need to be closed. He speaks with Director of Transportation and Director of Facilities by 4:30 to determine whether roads are safe for travel within the district and whether district facilities will be cleared to open on time. During this time, the Director of Transportation is driving various bus routes throughout the district to assess whether busses can run safely.


Questions the Superintendent will Ask:

- What is the forecast for the next few hours before school begins?

- Can cars and busses travel safely to and from school?

- Can parking lots and walking areas be prepared to open on time or with a delay?

- What are the expected travel conditions that will affect staff throughout the region?


Once the Superintendent decides to close or open on a delayed schedule, he communicates the decision to select staff who disseminate that information to various groups. The Superintendent then schedules a voice message to be sent to parents and staff.


Once a final decision to close or delay due to inclement weather is made, Dr. Steinhoff will post that decision on the twitter account @pdsdsuper first followed by the traditional methods of communication. Be sure to follow Dr. Steinhoff on twitter if you want to be the first to find out.


The Communication Department will also put information on the district’s twitter and Facebook pages as well as on the district website. 



In the event of a delayed opening, Kindergarten will operate a modified schedule as follows:

A.M. Kindergarten: 10:50 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.

P.M. Kindergarten: 1:30 p.m. – 3:20 p.m.