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Northley Science Students Honored at Franklin Institute

Northley's 8th graders were invited to attend the PEEP program’s End of the Year showcase celebration at the Franklin Institute, this past Thursday. The PEEP program, PECO Energizing Education Program, is a collaboration between PECO, the Franklin Institute and The invitation was a great honor that awarded Northley for its excellent work on this year’s energy projects.


The PEEP program focuses on exploring different types of energy through a project-based curriculum. These energy topics include the science of energy, renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy, electricity generation, and efficiency and conservation.


The students began their work in February, researching and choosing a topic. They worked hard to develop a project that would not only teach the audience about their chosen topic but would also engage and entertain them. After months of creating their projects, the 8th graders prepared and practiced teaching presentations. These presentations were designed to share the information the students learned over the course of the project. They delivered their presentations at the Energy Expo to the 5th graders on the day they visited the middle school.


“They become experts on their topics and made us very proud of them,” said Deborah Blaisse, 8th grade science teacher at Northley.


Northley was one of seven schools asked to make a presentation at the celebration in Philadelphia. A group of 14 students went to make this presentation and receive the recognition on behalf of Northley. The students enjoyed exploring the Franklin Institute and seeing what other schools did this year at the celebration. Other schools were also eager to learn more about the students’ exciting projects. Northley students received a lot of praise from Derrek Pitts, the chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute. The night finished off with the Franklin Institute treating the students to a pizza dinner to commend their months of hard work.
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