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Penn-Delco Holds Annual Math 24 Competition

Penn-Delco held its annual Math 24 competition today. Eight students, two from each elementary school, earned their seat in today’s competition. Math 24 is a competitive game that challenges players to out-perform their opponents by being the best at using mental math strategies to solve multi-step problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All eight students were exceptional and received a medal to commemorate their achievement. This year, the winner came from Parkside Elementary! Parkside fifth grader Justin Wassel took home the gold medal and the trophy for Parkside to display at the school until next year’s competition. Congratulations to all the participants! They will go on to compete in the county competition at the DCIU on June 1.

Joey Pennewill – Aston

Robert Worthington – Aston

Julia DiNicola – Coebourn

Jacob Adams – Coebourn

Emily Bartholf – Parkside

Justin Wassel – Parkside

Andrew Parker – Pennell

Xain Cabalo - Pennell

Math 24