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ASTON, Pa. –The Penn-Delco School District recognized the district winners in the 2016 Dr. Nicholas Spennato Young Authors Writing Project during the April school board meeting.


The Spennato Young Authors Writing Project celebrated its 36th year and is one of the longest running projects of its kind. Students in grades 1-8 in public and nonpublic schools submit a piece of writing of their choice. This year, more 800 writing pieces were submitted and 103 winners were named. Twelve winners were named from the Penn-Delco School District .


To prepare for this project, students begin to look over their stories around February for a piece already started or perhaps they have a new idea. The piece must be written on their own without teacher conferencing. Many authors find ideas in their own lives with experiences that they have had as well as from the world around them. The students have to decide what they can write about that will make their story stand out. 


On May 11th all the winners will join together at Northley Middle School to celebrate. They will receive a certificate of recognition and a bound copy of all the winning entries.Kate Walton, author of young adult novels including Empty and Cracked, will share her experiences with the young authors and their families.


The 2016 Young Author Winners from the Penn-Delco School District are listed below with their school and title of their writing piece.


Chiara Robinson

Justin Hassel

Andrew Kmett

Nicholas Merante

Rachel Bingeman

Sebastian Graham


Faye Liu

Chase Kmett

Natalie Sidlow

Adam Panusky

Owen Gallagher

Hannah DeOrio

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