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Sun Valley Hi-Q Moves on to Championships

Congratulations to Sun Valley Hi-Q on winning the semi-final round of the Delaware County Hi-Q competition. The team bested Radnor and Havertown with a final score: Sun Valley 54, Haverford 51, Radnor 46. Sun Valley will move on to the Delaware County Hi-Q Championships and face off against Penncrest and Garnet Valley on March 8th at Garnet Valley High School. This is the first time in Sun Valley history that the Hi-Q team has made it to the championship round.
"We've put in a steady time commitment since August to make it this far, and we're looking forward to winning Sun Valley's first championship," stated senior Hi-Q team member Nick Garvey. "But, as our old advisor Mr. Stull used to say: we just have to study, and everything else will come to us."
Hi-Q adviser, Mr. Joe Kochersperger stated, "Our success this year has been built off of the foundation created by the retired coach, Mr. Bill Stull. Through his coaching he inspired the team to work hard and dedicate themselves to doing their best. I have been fortunate to take over a team of amazing students who want nothing more but to win a championship for Sun Valley. We have a great group of seniors who set an example for their younger teammates so that we can be successful now and in the future. It has been very exciting to be a part of this team and to watch the team’s hard work and dedication pay off."
Congratulations to our Hi-Q team of Michael Costigan, Nick Garvey, Hannah McGinn, George Popov, Sumaiya Begum, Artricia Nou, Zoe Rogers, Jayna Suter,Grace Coleman, Caitlin Campbell, and Mr. Kochersperger!