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Parkside Students Collect "Change for CHOP"

Students at Parkside Elementary School presented a giant check for $1,500 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Friday, January 29. The students collected change starting in November as part of the “Change for Chop” program. This is the third year that the school has participated in the program. Each year the students set a goal for the campaign. If the goal is met, fifth grade teacher, Mr. George Washinko, shaves his head in a thrilling assembly including activities and music numbers. Additionally, the class that raised the most money gets to actually participate in the shaving process. In preparation of the assembly, Mr. Washinko stopped shaving in November and grew out his hair as a reminder for students to continue to raise money. The school surpassed their goal and raised over $1,500 this year! Over the course of three years, Parkside has raised more than $4,000 for CHOP. Way to go Parkside!
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