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Penn-Delco Shines in Reading Olympics

Students from across our district competed with other schools to be recognized for their reading commitment and comprehension skills in April and May at the Strath Haven Middle School.  The goal of the Reading Olympics, as noted by the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, is to increase the quality and quantity of books students read for enjoyment. Teams of students collaborate to read forty to fifty books that have been selected by a regional committee. The Reading Olympics are primarily a celebration of reading, rather than a contest. Since teams generate a lot of excitement about the reading event, the experience is rewarding for everyone involved.

This event includes students of all reading levels (elementary, middle, and high school) who have met the challenge of joining their teams in reading from the selected list of books. The students participate in a "book club" at their school throughout the year in order to prepare for the competition. Following the year-long preparation, students compete in a county-wide competition in the spring of each school year.

Students are asked basic questions about the Reading Olympics books. During the competition, each team completes rounds of questioning with different teams. Teams are never eliminated. At the culmination of the event, each participating student will receive a ribbon. The number of points each of the team scores will determine the color of the ribbon.  The Blue Ribbon is the top recognition. 

Congratulations to all of our school teams who earned BLUE ribbons for their commitment to reading! 

svhs reading olympics team

Braeden DiGiovanni, Mahnoor Khan, Madeleine Kleppinger, Emily Weissenburger, Sofie Robb, Lucy Esposito, Emily Cahill, and Blake DiPasquale

Congratulations to Sun Valley’s Reading Olympics Team, the Sun Valley Page Turners! In this year’s annual Reading Olympics Competition, they earned 58 (out of 60) points and secured a blue ribbon for their achievement! Their love of reading, coupled with dedication to working hard, resulted in their great success. They also worked extremely well together as a team.

NMS Reading olympics team

The Northley Middle School Reading Olympics team made our middle school proud, bringing home top reading honors with a blue ribbon.  Congratulations to: Dominic Muldoon, Finn Scallan, Maggie Walton, Anthony Preziuso, Matthew Shaw, Elizabeth Robb, and Monica Stasul.

All of our Elementary Schools scored BLUE Ribbons during the reading event; we are Penn-Delco Proud of their commitment!

Aston Reading Olympics team

Aston Elementary --Way to go: 

Tommy Zebley, Keira Sontowski, Anika Dodla, Daemon Lee, Cassidy Ackley, Riley Pal, Lionel Kurpel,, Emerson Fosbenner, Emma Hall, Luca DiCandia, Maya Pipitone

Coebourn Reading Olympics Team

Coebourn reading stars include: Victoria Godun, Adelaide Wentworth, Luke Reeder, Brayden Small, Lauren Stasul, Nevaeh Smithers, Chloe Zubrzycki, Isabella Mihniak

Parkside REading Olympics Team

Parkside Blue Ribbon recipients include: Grace Ford, Carlie Hutson, Paislee Kirby, Keir Nelson, Vienna Pasquarella, Morgan Pyatt, Shane Stone, Fiona Tillman

Pennell Reading Olympics Team

Pennell students brought home blue!  Congratulations to: Madison Fagust, Caroline Mackey, Olivia Broomall, Markella Hall, Christopher Gioconda, Avery Fisher, Emily McGrath, Chase Reed, Julianna Panarello, Allie Eastburn, Jack Sullivan, Rebecca Kusen