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Penn-Delco Generosity Continues

The Kids Heart Challenge is held at schools across the country, delivering heart-healthy physical activity through service learning for the American Heart Association.  The Kids Heart Challenge focuses on whole body well-being, helping students improve their own health and better their character while raising life-saving donations for the American Heart Association to help kids with special hearts.

Students and their families in Penn-Delco continue to demonstrate their generosity and commitment to heart health.  Penn-Delco has raised nearly a half-million dollars ($438,729.84) for the American Heart Association since 2012!  Kudos to our Principals, our Physical Education Teachers, and entire Penn-Delco Community for supporting this worthy cause. 

Contributions since 2012

  • Aston: $131,428.14
  • Coebourn: $85,614.09
  • Pennell: $157,330.59
  • Parkside: $64,357.02

2024 Tallies

  • Aston: $20,642.00
  • Coebourn: $10,173.00
  • Pennell: $16,850.00
  • Parkside: $4,661.00