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2024 Soup Cans

Dear Penn-Delco Families,

Our school district puts actions behind our regular efforts to develop graduates who are Ready for Life, particularly as persons with a positive character. Service projects, donations, and charity drives help develop our student’s awareness, empathy, and support for others.

To that end, I encourage your child to participate in our Penn-Delco Cares SOUP-er Bowl Food Drive which will run from Monday, February 12 - Thursday, February 15. Every student and staff member is encouraged to donate at least one can of soup; collection barrels/drop-off stations will be placed in our lobbies at each school. Our goal is to reach 2024 cans across the district. 

It is our hope that this modest canned soup drive will start a new annual tradition during the "Soup-er Bowl season" and ideally become another welcome addition to our portfolio of “Penn-Delco Cares” initiatives. You can help us tackle hunger and food insecurity for Delco residents facing challenges by executing this play call…send in some soup!

This year donations will be given to the City Team Pantry in Chester.

Enjoy the big game and don’t forget to drop a can of soup in your child’s book bag. I know Penn-Delco will score yet another touchdown as we kick off this new charitable tradition.

Gratefully Yours,

Dr. George Steinhoff, Superintendent