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Wellness Day for Excellence

Teacher-In-Service days are often opportunities to strengthen knowledge and meet requirements for credentials that contribute to teaching excellence. On Monday, November 6th, our efforts are on Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wellness.

The Penn-Delco first annual Wellness Day gives our teachers an opportunity to consider their wellness as a necessary contribution to their profession. The staff Wellness Committee and HR Department have worked together to create a day for learning and connection. From classes to learn about stress relief through physical activity, yoga, and meditation, to classes on financial health, healthy food preparation and using technology for streamlined performance, our staff is working on being ready and well.

Biometric screenings, introduction to artistic pursuits and overall physical and mental monitoring is also part of Penn-Delco’s plan that recognizes the impact wellness has on our staff and, ultimately, our students. We are #penndelcoproud of our teachers as they, too, work on being life ready and well.