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Young Authors' honor held at NMS

On May 17, young authors and their families and teachers/administrators joined members of the Keystone State Literacy Association of Delaware County for the annual awards ceremony at Northley Middle School for winners of the Nicholas Spennato Young AuthorsProject, which is sponsored by the Delaware County Reading Council and the Delaware County Intermediate Unit.

Penn-Delco had 15 of the 95 winning pieces that were selected from approximately 600 entries from private and public schools across the county.  All winners were published in the annual book of selected stories which was shared with each winner, along with a certificate of accomplishment. 

Dr. George Steinhoff, Superintendent of Penn-Delco School District, welcomed parents, students, teachers and administrators from across the county who came to honor the authors for their excellent work.  Dr. Danielle Murray, Supervisor of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction at Penn-Delco and President of the Keystone State Literacy Association of Delaware county, also spoke and served as MC of this special event. 

Special guest and author Amy E. Feldman shared her experiences as an educator and author and stayed behind to autograph her book. 

For the past 45 years, thousands of students in grades 1 through 8 have taken pen (or computer) to paper to express themselves through the written word, using imagination and passion to create writing pieces that deserve to be read. In the spring of each year, Delaware County public and non-public schools are invited to submit their pupils' best entries for final judging by members of the Keystone State Literacy Association Delaware County. Entries are judged on the basis of focus, content, organization, and style. Entries may be edited for mechanics/conventions by teachers before being submitted for judging.

Dr. Steinhoff reminded attendees of the special talent they possess and encouraged them to continue on the path of strengthening their craft.

"You have the knowledge and skill to be a writer, but you also have that special something -- and added gift," he said.

"When you write, you create something that never existed before.  Just think of that: your award-winning piece stands alone as something never before seen.  You brought something to life -- something informative, something funny, something serious, something real that will last forever."

The following Penn-Delco students were selected as winners and honored today:

Aston Elementary

Vivian Petrova 1st Grade

Isaac Knapp 3rd Grade

Coebourn Elementary

Raelyn Naylor 1st Grade

Mason Peters 1st Grade

Zidan Harris 2nd Grade

Rodina Ahmed 3rd Grade

Parkside Elementary

Daisy Stolnis 1st Grade

Olivia Park 3rd Grade

Pennell Elementary 

Gavin Chalfont 2nd Grade

Northley Middle School

Thomas Baggio 6th Grade

Lilly Brinton 6th Grade

Elizabeth Robb 6th Grade

Kaylee Campbell 7th Grade

Lila Gatchell, 7th Grade 

Kiera Wilkerson 8th Grade