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Bus change form

Safety is our main priority.  That includes ensuring that your child takes their assigned bus both to and from school each day.  We’ve seen a recent increase in students taking buses that they are not assigned to without the proper communication with their school.  

We understand that some children may want to take an unassigned bus with their friends for after-school-activities or join another bus with friends in the morning.  While we accommodate those instances, we must have parental approval with a written note to do so. 

No child should travel on another bus other than their assigned bus without a note to the school.  That includes morning or afternoon runs of the bus.   Please use a temporary bus change form every time you plan to direct your child to take a different bus.    Emails will not be accepted.

The bus change form can be found at the Transportation section, under the Families tab at all websites, or at the I would like to drop down on every website.