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A note to families

PDSD Extended School Year & Summer Enrichment Families,
To ensure the safest and most efficient dismissal process possible at Pennell Elementary during our summer programming, we will begin to use a modified arrival and dismissal system for “car riders.”
Arrival: 8:30 AM, Monday – Thursday:
Like during the school year at Pennell, we ask that all families dropping their students off in the AM by car begin to utilize our back doors by remaining in their vehicles, turning right after entering our campus through the circle off Weir & Richard Rds. Creating a line of cars behind and around the building parking at the curb of our recess yard. Families may begin opening their car doors and releasing students to our staff at 8:30 AM when our back doors open and staff arrive to welcome students.  This will preserve our front alley for buses and create a safe entry for all students.
Dismissal: 11:30 AM, Monday – Thursday:
Like during the school year at Pennell, all families will receive multiple copies of a yellow last name card that will act as their face-to-face release identification. Families should park in any of our parking spaces and walk, on foot, into our fenced in recess yard behind the building with their yellow last name ID cards and await their students who will exit the building with a safe, face-to-face release guided by our staff members. Please be aware that you will be asked to show ID to receive your child if you do not have your yellow name card.
Note regarding bussing and ESY: All students in ESY are expected to take the bus unless expressly indicated otherwise. Please reply to this email to state that your child will NOT take the bus if this is a permanent practice for the summer. If you plan to pick up your child that typically takes the bus in a one-off scenario, please call our office at 610-497-6300 Ext. 7500 by 11:00 AM to inform us of the dismissal change for the day.
We appreciate your kindness and flexibility as we work out the “kinks” associated with the convergence of four elementary schools into two terrific summer programs in one building!
Be well and enjoy your summer,
Joshua Leight
Dani Murray
Regina McClure
Michael McCormick