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A message from the Special Olympics:

Delaware County Unified Champion Schools,

Thank you all SO much for your support and dedication to UCS and Special Olympics Pennsylvania this year! The pandemic brought many challenges across the board, and I appreciate all of your school’s efforts to overcome them.

Here is a link to an information flyer for Delaware County Special Olympics. This is the local county program for your region. Athletes (special education students) can begin participating with their local program as young as age 8. We ask that you please share this flyer with all of your students, but more specifically, with those graduating, so they can continue to be involved with Special Olympics Pennsylvania beyond their high school years. There are also opportunities for regular education students to be Unified partners, along with volunteers & coaches, at the community level. Students can participate in both UCS and their local county program at the same time – there is no conflict of interest between the two! 

Again, thank you all for your hard work this year. I hope everyone has a wonderful (and restful) summer vacation! If there is anything you should ever need from me, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Ashley Herr

Eastern Unified Champion Schools Manager

Special Olympics Pennsylvania