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Decade show goes virtual

The Decade Show is now available in full at our YouTube Channel.

When Nicole Moyer took over the role of Choir Director for Sun Valley High School in 2015, she knew she wanted to offer her students an opportunity to not only create but perform in a show that was their own.  The Decade Show was born. 

Crafted to not only educate students about the influence of culture, art, and politics on music, it offers choir students an opportunity to craft a live show that features vocal performance, dance, and instrumental accompaniment.  Students are asked to research and explore a decade then create a musical performance that exemplifies that time period.  It is not only a learning exercise, but one they create and share together.

"The Decade Show gives the choir students an opportunity to sing solos and duets while expressing their interest in music through the years," explained Moyer. "It is the one time they can choose the music they want to sing with a friend or a group of people.  It also gives students that are not into the spotlight a place to have fun within the large group numbers."

Until 2021. With a global pandemic preventing many live performances, the students decided to share a virtual production with their friends, family, and community.  The show will go on.  After many months of rehearsal, recordings, and production, the final product is the next best thing to being on stage.

"We have 22 solo and duet acts this year," said Moyer.  "The chamber singers also sing a group song together and the entire 105 person choir put together a virtual choir for the finale of the show."  

From Frank Sinatra to Olivia Rodrigo, students cover an array of music from the 1950s through the present decade just launched. Although crafted away from the stage, the students accomplished their goal of sharing their talent and expertise virtually.  Moyer notes the experience has developed new skills they may not have mastered with the traditional performance.

"Since we have sung apart, through Zoom, the students have had to make many singular recordings for me. They are unable to unmute and sing together.  At the beginning of the year making a recording was a scary thing for some of them, but they have gotten really good at making recordings and being comfortable singing alone--ultimately making them stronger singers."

The Decade show has been a team and community builder within the choir program. The students love to cheer each other on and support their friends.  While they weren't able to share a theater stage, they still found a way to learn and share music through the decades.

 "I am so proud of the kids," said Moyer.  "They asked to do this virtually and they worked really hard to create this together."