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Register for a physical by March 17

Penn-Delco School District will provide physical examinations with Dr. Lou Gianguilio on Wednesday, March 24, beginning at 9 AM at Northley Middle School for students who are required to have one.  

Physical Exams are required for school attendance in the state of Pennsylvania in Kindergarten or Grade 1 (original entry into school), Grade 6 and Grade 11. We strongly encourage you to have the exam completed by your own physician, as he/she better knows your child and his/her medical history.

If you would like your child to receive a physical provided by Penn-Delco, you must follow these steps: 

Please note that no immunizations will be given at this appointment.  If you are planning to have your child examined by your own physician, please provide your school nurse with a copy of the physical form as soon as possible.


Penn Delco School District: 610-497-6300

Sun Valley High School: Ginamarie Capuano RN – Ext. 2373

Northley Middle School: Betsy King RN – Ext. 3338

Aston Elementary: Kelly Dignazio RN – Ext. 4508

Parkside Elementary: Kelly Dignazio RN – Ext. 6505

Coebourn Elementary:  Claire Gold RN – Ext. 5505

Pennell Elementary:  Claire Gold RN – Ext. 7505