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During the hybrid and virtual education delivery models, you may hear your child composing assignments and/or communicating with teachers within the GoGuardian platform. Penn-Delco School District has been using this resource for many years for some of its basic cyber security features. This school year, the district has expanded our use of GoGuardian to include the entire suite of products.

This allows us to unify content filtering, classroom management, device management, and school mental health tools into a single set of tools. The GoGuardian suite bundles these products to support a simplified digital teaching environment for in-class and virtual learning.
For example, students are able to show their work and ask teachers questions privately through this digital platform. Teachers are able to manage their virtual classrooms by monitoring student completion of assignments and providing students with feedback through this intuitive tool.
In order to further the benefits of this resource, Penn-Delco has adopted GoGuardian Beacon Services as part of our school’s broader suicide prevention program. Our administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, and SAP teams are all trained in suicide prevention supports. These individuals are valuable resources to students who are experiencing social and emotional challenges that impact their learning.

GoGuardian Beacon adds to this important work and helps notify Penn-Delco’s counselors and/or other school support staff during the school day if the system detects that a child searches, creates, views, or interacts with online content that could be related to suicide or self-harm. Because of this, GoGuardian Beacon helps the district detect and intervene early when a child may be at risk of suicide or self-harm.  
It is important to know that neither Penn-Delco nor can GoGuardian Beacon possibly detect every situation when a child is under distress.  
GoGuardian has been beneficial to staff and students within this current educational delivery model. Parents/guardians continue to play a vital role in each child’s support network. Parents/guardians can access the GoGuardian website for more information about GoGuardian’s technology and download the quick info sheet for GoGuardian as well.