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Sun Valley had multiple athletes named to the Ches-Mont All-League Teams for the fall 2020-2021 Season.   Congratulations to these athletes who competed during very unusual and sometimes abbreviated seasons.  They made their Sun Valley and #PennDelcoProud!

American Division First Team Selections

Girls Soccer: Chiara Robinson

Girls Volleyball: Kristine Guenther

American Division Second Team Selections

Girls Field Hockey: Maya Trader and Danielle Gavlishin

Girls Soccer: Jaina Preuhs

Girls Volleyball: Jordan Thompson and Gianni Ellis

Boys Soccer: Chase Segool

American Division Honorable Mention

Boys Golf: Bernie Seasock

Boys Soccer: John Nolek and Bobbo Chambers

Girls Field Hockey: Lana Buerklin

Girls Soccer: Smantha Hoy

Girls Volleyball: Kylie Shetter and Alexa Timlin

American League Boys Football Selections

Antonio Rivera

Tyler McLaughlin

Jacob Steinmetz

Jonathon O'Neill

Rob Powell

Jake Crowder

Matty Holmes

Sean Stone

Cameron Madison

Kevin Mayor