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Voluntary workouts resume

We understand that athletics is an important part of the social and emotional well-being of our student-athletes and that practicing with teammates and coaches during this time is a healthy outlet for them.

With that, we are very happy to report that our teams and coaches may begin their voluntary workouts again, starting on Wednesday, 9/16.  These workouts will be similar to the summer activities in which all coaches and athletes will follow our School Board approved Athletics Health and Safety plan.

We expect our coaches and athletes to follow all safety protocols with fidelity, in an effort to continue to keep our school community safe.  In the meantime, our Athletic Department, in consort with the Ches-mont Athletic League, will continue to pursue an alternative schedule for all of our fall teams so that we can hopefully have our competitions at a later date.

Regional leagues are considering a possible rescheduled fall season that could be played in early spring 2021, along with other potential scheduling opportunities.  Since voluntary workouts are permitted while we await guidance from PIAA, we want to make that experience available for our student athletes as well.