Meals for the 2023-2024 school year

  • Stay tuned for the official meals information letter here.  If you choose to purchase meals for your child, school meals continue to be some of the healthiest meal options for students. Our mealtimes feature kid-approved foods and are an important part of the learning day. For the 2023-24 school year, lunch for elementary school will cost $2.90 and middle school lunches will cost $3.20. The High School is Ala Carte for all meals and will offer meals to those students qualifying for free and reduced eligibility. 

More on lunch in Penn-Delco

  • Lunch is an important part of the day in Penn-Delco.  We are pleased to offer our students a relaxed environment for them to socialize and enjoy a meal.  Please be sure to provide a bag lunch or lunch money for your child each day.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to use the debit system, which enables you to send a check or cash in advance to credit your child’s account. You can access this system at the following address:  

    You can also add money to your child’s account by sending a check made payable to the Penn-Delco School District. The check should be placed in an envelope labeled lunch with your child’s name and room number. A computerized check out system is used at lunch with student ID numbers. Each student has a student ID number that remains the same each year.  New students and first grade students will be given an ID number on the first day of school. Free or reduced lunch will utilize the same debit account system; funds are credited directly to the student account.

    My School Bucks allows parents to view their child’s lunch account, add funds (for a small fee), check balances, or view what is being purchased.   Students will still have the ability to purchase items in cash if that is their choice. 

    We encourage families to apply to ensure future eligibility and benefits, such as the P-EBT Program (apply online here.)