• Special Education Department
    Regina McClure
    Director of Special Education and Pupil Services
    Special Education Department Staff:
    Regina McClure
    Director of Pupil Services & Special Education
    (610) 497-6300, ext 1320
    Amelia Bell
    Supervisor of Special Education
    (610) 497-6300, ext 1333
    Mike McCormick
    Special Education Liaison
    610-497-6300, ext 1321
    Sarah McHugh
    School Psychologist
    Parkside Elementary
    Pennell Elementary
    610-497-6300, ext 7312
    Rose Carroll
    School Psychologist
    Coebourn Elementary
    Sun Valley High School
    610-497-6300, ext 2368
    Audrey McKenney
    School Psychologist
    Aston Elementary
    610-497-6300, ext 1825
    Kathleen Policastro
    School Psychologist
    Northley Middle School
    610-497-6300, ext 3362