Every student at Sun Valley is encouraged to participate in activities.  Faculty sponsors direct students involved in these activities.  Membership in one or more of these organizations expresses a willingness to contribute to the betterment of the school as well as an interest in having an enjoyable experience with fellow students. 


    All students participating in student activities must meet

    eligibility requirements to participate.



    Participation in all class-sponsored activities is a privilege not a right.



    •  No higher than a Level I discipline referral during the given year.
    • Students must meet eligibility requirements as of the 3rd marking period grade.
    • Petition signed by at least fifty (50) classmates.
    • Approval by seven (7) faculty members and administrator of record.
    • Written summary of reasons for wanting to participate.



    All class activities are coordinated and directed by the class officers and their sponsor with administrative approval.  Dances, floats, dues collection, fundraising, trips, class meetings, and senior activities are all the responsibility of class officers.  Officers consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. 

    • Each class officer is required to be a student assistant for the class sponsor. During any campaign, all class office candidates must receive administrative approval of all posters/signs, etc. prior to any public posting.
    • Any class officer receiving more than one suspension or being academically ineligible at the end of any marking period will be removed from his/her elected office.
    • Any class officer whose integrity is questioned due to inappropriate behavior unbecoming a Sun Valley student will be removed from their office and will not be allowed to hold an office during the current year or the next year.
    • Class officers that fail to commit the necessary time to organize and manage their class-sponsored activities will be removed from their office and will not be allowed to hold an office next year.
    • We encourage all payments for class activities to be paid by check or money order. Cash will be accepted for any payment under $150.00. Any cash payment over $150.00 will be paid in the office.


    All activities must receive prior administrative approval.



    Members are selected from the art majors classes based on their talent and love of art.  An induction ceremony is held, artwork is displayed, and officers are elected from the membership. 


    Requirement for membership in this organization is being a Sun Valley student who is interested in helping others.  The purpose of this organization is to give young, responsible, service-minded students an opportunity to interact with other students and to participate in their school and community in association with the Aston Lions Club.  Officers are elected each year and meetings are held twice monthly.  The Leo Club participates in many activities yearly including assisting at Lion’s Club pancake breakfasts, delivering Aston Township directories, visiting nursing homes, helping to feed the needy and assisting in beautification of the school and community.  Student participation is voluntary and usually involves about three hours per activity.


    Available for students who play a musical instrument and are interested in performing in concert bands.  Practice is scheduled during the school day and evenings.  In the fall, the band performs at football games and participates in competitions on the weekends.  Also included is participation in parades, graduation, and several concerts during the school year.  Members must participate in all aspects of the band program.  In addition, an extension of the band is the band front whose purpose is to support the band in a visually dramatic medium and to display school spirit.  Summer band camp, evening practices, and weekend competitions require the students to have a strong sense of commitment to the group. 

    C.A.R.I.N.G. stands for committee against racism, intolerance and negative generalizations.  It is an organization that works to promote tolerance and understanding of all.  In the past, the group has sponsored dances, speakers, and other activities that foster these values.  Membership is open to all that are interested.



    Chorus is open to any student who enjoys singing and is willing to make the commitment to practice regularly.  Chorus practice is scheduled during the school day, after school, and some evenings.  Activities include concerts, assemblies, and performing for community groups. 

    Touring Choir is a group of chorus members who audition specifically to perform advanced arrangements.  This group gives many evening and weekend performances and requires a good deal of practice time beyond that of the chorus.  Officers are elected yearly.



    Delco Hi-Q is Sun Valley’s academic quiz competition team.  Members are chosen from those applying based on their academic background and ability to think quickly and accurately.  The team competes against other Delaware County schools and is broadcast over the radio.  Questions for the quizzes are drawn from fourteen subjects normally taught in high school.  Questions in other areas may also be included.  Students hold weekly practice sessions in the fall semester to help prepare for the quiz competitions, which occur in the second half of the school year.  Schools scoring the highest scores compete in a final competition with prizes going to the winning school.


    Drama Club is open to all members of the student body who have an interest in some aspect of drama: acting, dancing, staging, singing, or other backstage activities.  Officers are elected yearly and meet monthly.  Involvement in fundraisers is required.  Each year the club will perform a musical or stage production in which members can participate.  Selection for parts is by audition.  Members of this group must attend all practices, rehearsals, and performances.




    FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) is a student led organization for young men and women that develops leaders while addressing personal, family, work and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education.

    Sun Valley High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) aims to provide an inclusive, safe environment for all students.  The alliance brings students together through group meetings, social activities, and programming to promote awareness and acceptance of LGBT issues.  GSA members respect the confidentiality of all participants.  The group’s big events each school year are Ally Week in the fall and the National Day of Silence in the spring. 

    Motif is Sun Valley’s literary magazine.  It is written and published yearly by those students who have an interest in writing.  Meetings are held throughout the school year.  An editor, art staff, and writing staff edit the students’ submitted work.  Most of the time required making the book a success occurs during the spring semester.



    Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon the following criteria:



    Students must have a minimum 5.0 G.P.A. out of 6.5 or 3.5 G.P.A. out of 4.0 at the end of their freshman, sophomore, and junior year to be considered for membership. Once students have been identified as having met this requirement, they are asked to fill out information regarding the other three criteria.



    Students must be resourceful in proposing new problems, applying principles, and making suggestions, demonstrate initiative in promoting school activities, and provide a good influence and role model for others.



    This includes actions undertaken by the student, which are done with or on behalf of others without any direct financial or material compensation. Volunteers and mentors should cheerfully render service to the school or the community.



    Students must demonstrate the following six qualities: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

    Students who meet the scholarship requirement will be asked to complete an application to the National Honor Society.


    A faculty council meets to review the applications and selects individuals for membership.  Students who drop below National Honor Society standards will be placed on probation and cases reviewed by the sponsor and administrators. The potential to be removed from the National Honor Society exists if the student does not meet the academic standard in 3 out of 4 marking periods.  Officers are elected yearly.  Members are required to participate in one or more service projects during the school year and to attend monthly meetings.


    SPECTRUM (Yearbook)

    This organization publishes the senior yearbook.  Editors are selected for various areas and many long hours are spent after school to prepare this publication.  Work begins in the spring of the junior year and continues through the summer and fall in order to meet the many deadlines of the publisher.  Because of the large number of hours involved, good academic standing is important for the members of the staff.  Editors include art, sports, underclassmen, and the senior section.


    Musically advanced students are given an opportunity to perform in a jazz/pop setting.  Practices are held in the evening during the second semester to prepare for the spring concert and assembly.  Members are chosen by audition only.


    Students interested in learning the skills of stage setting, lighting, and audio are invited to join.  During the period of concerts, dramatic productions, and other evening events students need to devote a great deal of time to the stage crew.  Members also assist with assemblies and other school activities.


    Students of the class elect members.  Requirements to run for Student Senate are:
    • “C” or better average in classes.
    • Good discipline records (no more than one suspension).
    • Petition signed by at least fifty (50) classmates.
    • Approval of four (4) faculty.
    • Written summary of reasons for wanting to participate.

    The officers of the four classes are also members of the Student Senate.

    This organization is the student government for Sun Valley High School.  Periodic meetings are held to discuss problems, which are relevant to the students.  Activities of the Student Senate include food drives, a blood drive, and fundraisers to support these activities.  Any Student Senate member receiving more than one suspension or being academically ineligible at the end of any marking period will be removed from his/her elected position.


    Students are trained in the technical operation of the TV studio and produce the A.M. announcements each day, as well as taping and televising school and community events.  Positions such as director, art director, audio technician, anchor, camera operator, and producer are available.  Any student violating the rules and regulations of the director will be dismissed from the staff and/or suspended. 


    The Ultimate Frisbee club promotes physical fitness, diversity amongst team members and allows students to develop new skills and competitive qualities.  The intramural Frisbee season runs from November thru March, which includes a regular season plus play-offs.  The club plans for weekly Frisbee clinics for students in the late spring in an effort to keep students interested and involved in after school activities throughout the school year.


    The Vanguard Volunteers is a service organization comprised of Sun Valley High School students. Activities include fundraising for various community charities such as Make-A-Wish, and for school based activities.  The students participate in Adopt-A-Family during the winter holiday season, provide instructors for the Senior Net Program, organize and conduct the Faculty-Student Basketball game and the Bachelor Auction.  The club also provides volunteers for various other district projects.