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    Do you have an incoming Kindergartener ?

    We host an incoming kindergarten play date! Play dates are every Tuesday from 3-5pm
    If you have any questions please reach out to Kendra @ klhaydel@gmail.com 

    Calling all kindergarteners! Please mark your calendars! On Tuesday August 13th, our wonderful principle Ms. Phillips will conduct a KINDERGARTEN ONLY school tour beginning at 3:30pm.  The tour will provide an opportunity for the KINDERGARTEN children to see inside the classrooms and the school prior to the first day of school.

     Also for those who had questions regarding the first day of school for kindergarten the schedule is as follows:

    On the first day of school for kindergarten, each child will be assigned a one hour time slot, in which parents are expected to attend with their child.  On the second day of school, kindergarten will line up at the kindergarten entrance NOT the playground.

     Also!! Mrs. Krause is recovering well and will be returning to school in September.  


    2019 Ice Cream Social



    201920 Back to School

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    Summer Reading 2019  



    Summer Reading Counts 2019

    2019-20 School Supply LIst

    2019-20 School Supply Lists are available!

    Download here.


    Discount Cards have been distributed

    ****Discount Cards are still on sale for $15 each.  Send  a check or cash attention "DISCOUNT CARDS" along with your child's name and classroom and the card will be sent home with them.



     Did you know there are incentives to buying Scrip?

    The Aston PTL is continuing to run the Scrip gift card fundraiser this year. If you did not receive the letter describing this program on Back to School Night or at the first PTL meeting, it is available along with a Q&A under the Fundraising Info tab on the Aston PTL webpage. For those who are not familiar with Scrip, families can purchase gift cards from us at face value. When we order them from the Scrip company, we pay a discounted price and the difference in the two prices is the profit we make. While Scrip cards make great gifts, they can also be used for everyday items like groceries and gas. This makes it a great way to help Aston even if you participate in our other fundraisers. 


    Last year, the rebates from the gift cards purchased by Aston families totaled over $700. This year, our goal is to exceed $1,000 in rebates. This is achievable if more families get on board. To encourage more participation, we are going to be running monthly incentives for students and parents. The REWARD for October will be an EXTRA OUTDOOR RECESS. Every classroom with at least two families signed up for Scrip will earn this reward. You do not need to sign up for online payment (the only payment we accept) or purchase any gift cards at this time. Additionally, four families that sign up will be randomly chosen to receive $10 Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards. To sign up, join our program on the ShopWithScrip site using the enrollment code D84L8D2F53518. Make sure to list all of your children that attend Aston so that each class will get the credit. Also, if you already have an account, make sure that the Student and Classroom/Teacher fields are updated and put 2018 in one of these fields. Please email Amy Hearn at akweg@yahoo.com if you have any questions. 


    Welcome to Aston Elementary PTL's web page!  We encourage you to visit this page often, for updates and more information about what's happening with the PTL (Parent Teacher League). You may also check out the menu on the left, to go to your favorite pages within the PTL web page.  

    Are you curious as to what the PTL does? 

    Everyone can contribute!  We meet monthly (typically the 2nd Tuesday of each month) at 6:30pm to discuss activities going on in the school and district plus plan events for our children. Childcare is provided for free!  We plan fundraisers throughout the school year- we use that money for school assemblies, classroom magazines, items needing to be purchased for the school, assistance with field trips, school t-shirts, snacks for events and so forth. 

    We get to know each other better and build a great community for our children- it's a bonus to socialize! 

    If you are a member, you are valued and we appreciate you... if you are interested in attending a meeting and joining, it's never too late to get involved in your child's school and truly make a positive impact.  There are events and activities that are held in the day and evening.

    Right now we are forming our committees for next school year.  More hands on deck means we can get more accomplished!


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