• Reading Counts Achievement Program
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    All students need to develop strong reading skills that they will use every day, in and out of school. To assist with this process, 2nd through 8th graders participate in an active reading software program called Reading Counts.


    The goals of the Reading Counts program are:


    1. To promote reading - reading more books and developing a lifelong love for reading are important to your child’s success.


    2. To improve test scores - independent reading has a positive impact on student achievement, which has even been demonstrated on certain standardized tests. The more your child reads, the better your child is likely to perform.


    3. Develop Language Arts Skills - Reading develops and promotes comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, and writing skills that students will use in all subjects.


    How does the program work? Your child will select and independently read from a large variety of books from the school library or classroom. After reading, your child will take a computerized multiple choice quiz that will assess whether your child completed and understood the book. Students receive instant feedback on their performance. With help from the management system, teachers keep track of your child’s performance and provide them with strategies for success. Teachers also establish goals and provide incentives to meet these goals.


    Please encourage your child to bring these books home for additional independent reading.