A letter from our food service provider

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    September 1, 2019

    Dear Parent,

    The beginning of the school year is approaching, and we want to extend a warm welcome to let you know that Chartwells School Dining Services has exciting plans for your school meal program.  School meals remain nutritious, a great value and more satisfying than ever for both students and parents. This year, Chartwells has exciting events and new menu items planned for your child’s school cafeteria. Our job is to make sure that we serve healthy, well-balanced meals that students will enjoy eating.  We strive to make the dining experience a special one.

    Menu Highlights

    This year we will be offering some of student’s favorite foods such as Create aSalad w/ Popcorn Chicken and Fun Lunches. There will be 4 lunch choices available at the elementary schools and additional menu options at Northley Middle school. Fresh seasonal fruit will also be available as a menu selection along with cupped fruit or juice and vegetables to create a complete meal. We will also be introducing new food items to the menu that are both nutritious and delicious.

    Meal Prices

    • Elementary schools $2.70
    • Northley Middle School - $3.00
    • There will be a .35 upcharge on all salad meals at the elementary and middle school. This upcharge excludes free and reduced eligible students.
    • Sun Valley does not participate in the National School Lunch Program but does recognize free and reduced students. All regular and premium items are on an Ala Carte price basis. Prices will vary by menu item selection.
    • All regular menu items are available to those students on the National School Lunch Program. Premium items are available for a fee or $1.25 upcharge to all free and reduced eligible students. (List available to view under SV 2019-2020 Food List).
    • Low-fat milk is available with all meals.  All 8 oz. cartons are $.50
      Under USDA Regulations for school lunch’s water or juice cannot be a substitute for milk, we will substitute lactose free milk upon written request. Small and large waters are available for purchase.

    Other Information

    Our mission is to serve nutritious, well-balanced meals that appeal to our students and school community and we are committed to providing the best food options and nutrition education for your child.  To learn more about Chartwells, visit our website at www.eatlearnlive.com.  We ‘re excited about our partnership with Penn-Delco School District  and hope to provide a great program while becoming part of the Aston, Brookhaven and Parkside community.  Please feel free to contact us at any time at mpuliti@pdsd.org or 610-497-6300 ext 2355 or 2374.

    Best Regards,  

    Michael Puliti                                                                                          
    Foodservice Director
    Chartwells School Dining Services