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    Name: Master Gunnery Sergeant Pearn
    Email Address: jpearn@pdsd.org
    Phone number: 484-490-1307


    Marine Corps NDCC is an elective course at Sun Valley that may be taken during any year of a student’s high school education.  A fully accredited course, for each year completed the student receives an academic credit.


    The mission of the Marine Corps NDCC is to develop character and citizenship in the youth of America – it accomplishes this by achieving the following:


    •          Develops leadership skills and strong moral character.
    •         Develops a sense of pride and personal discipline and responsibility.
    •          Stresses character development and leadership and acquaints students with basic military drill, ceremonies, physical fitness, marksmanship and the structure of the United States Armed Services.
    •         Emphasis on this being a “Cadet Run Program” where the Cadets take an active role in all aspects of the program.

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