Eligibility to participate in student activities

  • The participation of students in many school functions is dependent on their being in good academic and disciplinary standing. Therefore, the school reserves the right to deny participation in the following functions and others as the school sees fit: school trips, field trips, assemblies, out of school activities, and extracurricular activities. Notifications of such rules and regulations governing these events will be sent to students and parents in a timely manner.

    All students involved in athletics and/or activities are subject to eligibility regulations. Eligibility to participate is determined every Friday with coaches and sponsors informed in writing. A student will become ineligible if he or she fails more than one subject. The period of ineligibility will begin on the Sunday following the grade reporting and continue through the following Saturday with exceptions only granted due to calendar considerations. Students failing more than one subject will become ineligible for 5 school days.  Any student who is failing more than on subject at the end of a marking period will be ineligible fo 15 school days. 

After School Conduct

  • Be Respectful > Follow Direction

    Be Responsible > Participate

    Be Ready > Get and stay where you need to be