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    See below to learn more about a particular club or organization at Northley Middles School  

    Art Club 

    ART CLUB at NMS is so popular that now it's actually TWO clubs! Art Club Junior, for sixth grade, meets From September through December on Tuesdays from 3-3:40. Art Club Senior- Grades 7 and 8, meets from January through June, also on Tuesdays. In Art Club, we make crafts, make friends, make a mess, and make fun happen! This year Art Club Senior will be part of another fantastic district-wide collaborative project. Come out and help us make ART CLUB a success! Ms. Sharp is the advisor for the Art Club.

    Environmental Club

    Environmental Club is one way of the fun ways you can get involved at Northley. The Environmental Club typically meets every other Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00. We’ve organized a Linvilla hayride with a campfire and s’mores! Some projects we have done in the past include making a bird house, a butterfly garden, nature walks, and organizing the Northley recycling program. Environmental Club is open to every student in 6th-8th grade. As long as you are interested in committing to helping the Earth, community, and your school you can join. The club is planning in a few projects this year. Some of them include entering the Philadelphia Zoo’s UNLESS Contest to help and endangered species, visiting the Tyler and Taylor Arboretums, an end of the year sleepover at the Franklin Institute, and helping with the Northley recycling programs. Mr. Siegel is the Environmental Club advisor and he says:

    “Environmental Club is a fun way to make friends and help the Earth.”  


    Honors Choir 

    Honors Choir is a club full of selected music lovers who learn advanced songs to perform in the chorus concerts. These singers are very committed to making sure their music sounds as good as it can possibly be and they work very hard. They meet every Wednesday and are led by the chorus teacher Mrs. Hazlett.

    Intramural Club 

    Intramural Club is co-advised by Mr. Campbell and Ms. Genovese.  It is open to all 6-8th students at Northley.  Intramural Club meets in the Fall and Spring.  Students will be exposed to and participate in a variety of activities such as Archery, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Flag Football, etc.   We hope to introduce new skills and build upon those already in their repertoire.  Information on meeting dates and how to sign up are located on our teacher webpages.  



    Mr. Hazlett directs Northley’s Jazz Band. This select group of instrumentalists perform many popular styles of music including Rock, Latin, Swing and Blues. They enjoy performing at pep rallies and with Sun Valley’s Jazz Band in a spring concert.


    Math 24 

    At Math 24 club, students practice their math skills while competing in the fast-paced card game 24. In the spring, qualifying club members have the chance to compete in county- and state-wide 24 competitions. Last year, a member of Northley’s math 24 club won Delaware County’s competition and medaled at the state competition in Harrisburg! Mr. Mertens is the advisor for Math 24.



    Mrs. Zimmerman sponsors the NJHS. This group of students work hard to help the school and community, have excellent grades, and participate in athletics and clubs. NJHS students enjoy developing their leadership skills.



    The PBS Student Committee is a group of students who work to promote a positive and enthusiastic environment at Northley. The students are interactive in demonstrating positive behavior and implementing programs for PBS. Mrs. Miller, Ms. Girardi, Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Mertens sponsor the PBS Student Committee.


    Reading Olympics

    Reading Olympics is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Teams meet by grade level during lunches with their coaches to discuss the books and prepare for the competition. Students in this club should love to read a variety of genres. Reading lots of books from the list prepares students for the competition, which takes place in late April or early May each year.


    Steelpan Ensemble

    The Northley Steelpan Ensemble is a musical group that meets once a week. The students have an opportunity to play an instrument that is not typically seen in American schools. The steel pans were created on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad in the 1930s created out of old oil drums; each drum is cut to a different length to create a variety of styles. In addition to our pans, we have a drum set and a group of percussionists accompanying our steel pan players.

    In the fall we play a variety of pop tunes and some Christmas songs. In the winter and spring we play traditional music from Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Stetson directs the Steelpan Ensemble.


    Science Olympiad 

    Science Olympiad is a national competition. Northley competes at Regionals at Neumann University every year. Science Olympiad is very competitive and we placed in the Top Ten in five events for the region last year. Teachers and parents coach our team and prepare supplies for student to compete in 23 events. Competitions are 10 hour days. Science Olympiad starts at the beginning of October and runs through the beginning of March. If you have a love for the sciences, check our website! Ms. Di Pietro and Ms. Sculley are the advisors for Science Olympiad.

    Skate Club 

    Northley Skate Club’s advisor, Mr. Siegel, says the club has a trip planned every month of the year.  We go to Chichester Skate Park, Ice Works, and are planning a trip to a new roller skating venue this year.  Any student in 6th, 7th or 8th grade can attend the trips.  All you have to do is get a permission slip signed by a parent and enclose the necessary payment (usually only $5 per trip), and return it to Mr. Siegel.  Then, show up after school on the day of the trip and enjoy!  At Chichester Skate Park, students can scooter or skateboard.  Listen to the announcements for when the trips are, and we hope to see you in Skate Club!


    Student Council 

    Student Council is a group of students looking to improve the school and community. The whole school votes on the student council officers. This year’s President and Vice President will lead weekly meetings and are assisted by the Treasurer and Secretary. In these meetings, fun projects such as selling Candygrams and a Food Drive competition are organized. The club also assists in running certain events for the school.

    Yearbook Club

    The Yearbook Club is for students in grades 6-8 who would enjoy helping to create the Northley yearbook. In this club, we learn how to use the yearbook software to add pictures and text to the pages. Students also have opportunities to take pictures of events and athletics after school. Students in Yearbook Club also select the cover for the yearbook and create posters to help advertise the yearbook. This is a busy, hard-working club! Ms. Blaisse is the advisor for Yearbook Club. 

    Partnership Program 

    The Partnership Program brings together students of all abilities at NMS to create a more inclusive environment.  Students work together to learn about each other through activities that build social skills, friendship, and communication skills.  The program is run by the counselors, Ms. Girardi, Mrs. Scharrer, and Ms. Flanagan. 

    Robotics Club

    Robotics is a club for students to participate in the SeaPerch School Challenge of the year. SeaPerch is a national competition where students construct a remotely operated underwater vehicle, or Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe and other materials. Mr. Sikich and Ms. Di Pietro are advisors for Robotics.