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    Welcome to CBSAA (College-Bound Student-Athlete Advisory)
    What is CBSAA?
    The SV staff sponsored group focuses on one goal:
    To advise, support, mentor, and encourage young athletes who are interested in playing sports at the collegiate level. 
    Each staff advisor is assigned a small group of student-athletes who he/she will work with throughout high school.  The advisor will make sure the student-athlete has the knowledge and guidance needed to get to the next level.    
    The group will meet once or twice per month for presentations, events, or small group athletic/college counseling.
    The Sun Valley Athletic Department is proud to provide this program and we look forward to helping our college-bound student-athletes reach their goals.  
    Thanks to the following advisors:
    Mr. Bowman, Ms. Burns, Ms. Judge, Ms. Guille, Mr. Hartwell, Mr. Hill,
    Dr. James, Ms. Maxwell, Mr. Meenan, Mr. Simpkins, Mr. Starkey, Mr. Quintans