Message from the Athletic Trainer

  • For those of you who are not familiar with who or what a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) is, I’d like to introduce myself and explain some of the services I offer as the Head Athletic Trainer here at Sun Valley High School.

    An Athletic Trainer's priority is to keep the student-athletes on the field of play and have he/she return from injuries as safely and as quickly as possible. I am on campus daily, during every home game and practices. My main responsibilities include preventative care, acute injury care, evaluation and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Typically when an injury occurs, I will evaluate the student-athlete to determine severity, apply first aid, and then determine along with the athlete and parents the best course of treatment. Besides first aid, I can reassess injuries daily and provide treatments, muscularskeletal rehabilitation, taping, etc.

    When physician or formal physical therapy visits are necessary, I will help make arrangements (if the parents prefer) to help schedule timely appointments. Along with making the arrangements, I will follow up with the physician/physical therapist personally.

    Concussions are a reality in sports and your child may suffer a concussion during play. Along with your physician, I will help manage the recovery from initial evaluation, to daily symptom monitoring, obtaining necessary MD clearances, supervising Vital Signs post test(s) and monitoring your child throughout the Return to Play Protocol. I will work with parents, coaches, physicians and guidance counselors to assist in providing proper rest, mental and physical, for your child while he/she recovers.

    Injury prevention and education are key factors to allow the student-athlete to play safely and effectively.  I strongly encourage your child to report ALL injuries ASAP. Early intervention can lead to a quicker return to activity. If you have any specific health and safety concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Caroline Biddle
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Sun Valley High School/Northley Middle School
    Office (610) 497-6300, x-2356