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    Name: Erin Burns
    Email Address: eburns@pdsd.org
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     Welcome to Spanish!

    Mrs. Burns


    Room A26


    Welcome back to school!  I am very happy to have you as my student!  The following guidelines will ensure that you have a positive year in Spanish.  Please read them carefully and share them with your parents.  Learning a language is fun!  Please remember that I am here to help you!  Be sure to make arrangements for additional help/review!


    SUPPLIES:  (required every day)

    • Notebook, folder and writing utensil

    .     Computer and charger

    • Headphones


    We will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOM on a daily basis.  Here you will find a daily class overview, resources, notes and homework.


     Homework (TAREA) is assigned on a daily basis.  Studying your vocabulary is a necessary and important part of learning a language.  Sometimes that is your only homework.  You may also have a written or speaking assessment for homework.  No late homework will be accepted unless you missed class due to a LEGAL absence.  Then, you must make up your work in a timely fashion and be sure to show it to me!  Homework not substantially completed results in a grade of 0!  You can also find the assigned homework through Remind 101. 


    Check Google Classroom.  Speak to me if you have any questions.  Make an appointment

    to see me if you need assistance with the work that you missed.  I am here to help you.


    • Be in your seat ready to begin when the bell rings.  This means that all of your Spanish materials should be on your desk and everything else should be placed on the floor (including purses).
    • We will begin each class with a warm-up assignment.  Warm-up assignments will be turned in randomly for grading.  You will have approximately 5 minutes to complete the assignment, so you must be ready to begin.    
    • Show respect for and courtesy towards your classmates, teacher, guests and any substitute teacher. 
    •   Ask permission (before class) to use the lavatory, unless an emergency.  Although emergencies do occur, it is to your advantage to stay focused on what we are doing, therefore you should try to minimize the times you need to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom, nurse, etc.  You should not need to excuse yourself more than four times per quarter and not be gone for more than 5 minutes!  You must sign out on the sheet located near the door.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of privileges.  No locker passes will be given.
    • Keep the classroom neat and clean and return all borrowed property.
    • Keep all food and drink outside of the classroom.  This includes gum and candy.
    •   Keep phones, iPods, games, combs/brushes, makeup and hats away.
    • Raise your hand to speak.
    • Ask permission to leave your seat unless it is part of a class activity. 
    • Remain seated until I dismiss you with the word, “adios”, even if the bell has sounded.


    Negative Consequences:                                                         Positive Consequences:                     

    1. Warning – name marked in book.                                      1. Praise.
    2. Phone call home.                                                             2. Positive feedback sent home.
    3. Detention.                                                                       3. Homework passes.
    4. Office referral.                                                                 4. Prizes


    Your grade each quarter will be based on the following:  

    •    Tests/Projects 50%
    • Quizzes/Writing Assignments  30%
    •    Classwork 10%
    •    Homework 10% 


    The school’s grading policy will be followed.  Tests and quizzes must be made up within one week unless you have spoken to me.  Tests and quizzes are kept on file.  They may be taken home upon written request of a partner or guardian and must be signed (by parent or guardian) the following class day.

    Be sure to check your grades online and come to see me if there are any questions or problems. 


    If you have a question, please see me for help as soon as possible. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!  You or your parents may always contact me as follows: eburns@pdsd.org

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