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  • With the universal distribution of Chromebooks and increase of software programs that provide the learning and management platforms best suited for educators and students, the need for technology support is more important than ever.  If you or your child requires support, please email our Technology Department at helpdesk at support@helpdesk.pdsd.org.  In the meantime, please review this section for support material that can help you immediately.

    Quick Support

    Navigating Schoology

    If you have having challenges with Schoology, please go to their dashboard at status.schoology.com to check if the issue is with the Schoology platform itself.  Often they make recommendations for improving access or connectivity or offer information about interruptions.  If there is a systemwide issue that will affect Schoology for a considerable amount of time, the District will notify families.   Get all the support for Schoology you need on this section of the website as well.
    Navigating Skyward
    Skyward holds all the information about your student for parents and administration and teachers to view.  Whether you want to make sure your emergency contact information is correct, or you'd like to review your child's report card, Skyward is the software to utilize.  View a tutorial on how to access your Skyward acccount.  Forgot your password?  No worries.  We'll explain how to fix that too.  Review all the information you need about Skyward on this section of the website.