A message from Theresa Ford

Teri Ford, Coebourn Principal
  • Dear Coebourn Families,

    On behalf of the entire Coebourn Elementary staff, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to a new year of opportunity that will promote and empower our children fostering academic and personal growth.

    Coebourn Elementary is a National School of Character and we possess a deep commitment to character education. This year Coebourn will continue with intentional focus on developing qualities of perseverance and resilience in our children by helping them to embrace challenges and value mistakes as learning opportunities. Cultivating a Growth Mindset in our children is the pathway to develop grit which will serve them academically and personally across settings in and out of the classroom. 

    As a Department of Education National Green Ribbon School, Coebourn Elementary now serves as a model school for teaching the value of environmental stewardship through the infusion of real world experiences. The Children's Garden at Coebourn Elementary School is a powerful interdisciplinary tool where the students are able to participate in green efforts by planting, maintaining, and harvesting vegetables from the garden. All harvested vegetables are donated to a local food shelter, which instills a sense of accountability and community. We are committed to helping our children understand the important role they play in preserving and respecting the environment.

    The staff at Coebourn Elementary School continually strives to enrich and develop all areas of the curriculum with the intention of addressing the whole child. Character education, green education, and academic rigor are a few pathways to that end. Students at Coebourn Elementary also have multiple opportunities to participate in the arts such as band, chorus, music, and visual arts. Additionally, students enjoy physical education classes two times per week where they express themselves through sport, dance, game, and yoga all while learning about health and nutrition.

    The school library is well stocked and children have the chance to visit often to select reading adventures of their choice. Our hands-on science program ensures the deepest levels of learning and technology is utilized to enhance and expand learning beyond the walls. Additional programs are embedded within the curriculum to address the specific learning needs of every child. Simply put, Coebourn Elementary School is an exceptional place for children to learn and grow.

    Warm regards, 
    Teresa Ford, Principal