Welcome to the


    Sun Valley

    Choral Department


      Choral Director: Nicole Moyer 

    Phone: x2115

    Important Dates     
    September 17 & 18          Chamber Choir Auditions               2:20-3:00pm Choir Room
    September 24 & 25          Choir Goverment Interviews          2:20-3:00pm Choir Room
    Septemeber 25                Choir Parent Meeting                    7:00pm  Choir Room 
    October 2 & 4                  1st Chamber Choir Rehearsals       2:30-3:30pm Choir Room
    October 3                        1st Choir Goverment Meeting        2:30-3:00pm Choir Room
    October 29 & 30           District Honor Choir Mock Auditions   2:30-3:30pm Choir Room
    November 8                 Full Choir Recording Session             2:30-3:30pm Auditorium
    November 17               District Honor Choir Auditions           @ Bayard Rustin High School
    December 13, 17, 18    Full Choir Rehearsals                       2:30-3:30pm Auditorium
    December 19                Winter Concert                        Call 5:30pm Concert at 7:00pm