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     Welcome to Mr. Nicholas'  Webpage

    Name: Justin Nicholas
    Email Address: jnicholas@pdsd.org
    B.S. in Biology Stockton University
    M.S. in Secondary Education St. Joseph's University
    Room #:  B58 (General Science,Biology & Community Science)
    Hello and welcome to Mr. Nicholas' webpage at Sun Valley High School. This page is intended for all students in Mr. Nicholas' general science,biology & community science classes as well as their parents. All assignment announcements can be found using the tabs on the left side of this webpage. Use the quick links on the right site of the webpage for textbook access.
    Course Overviews:
    General Science

        General Science is the first of 3 Science Courses required for graduation. Units of study will include: Scientific Method, Biochemistry and Nutrition, Biogeochemical Cycles, Ecology, and Changes in the Environment. This course will include many cooperative, hands-on activities as well as independent research projects. One of the major goals of this course is to provide you with the foundation needed to be successful in the rest of your high school science courses as well as the foundation to do well on next year's keystone biology exam. We will work on laboratory, data analysis, graphing, and report writing skills throughout the year.



        This course is designed to provide a functional understanding of the features and problems shared by all living things, ranging from their molecular and cellular organization to their features of metabolism, responsiveness, hereditary characteristics and evolution.Emphasis is placed on the experimental process by which scientific knowledge is gained and accomplished through student participation in a laboratory setting. Students are expected to utilize higher order thinking skills to master concepts, develop scientific writing skills through laboratory reports and to demonstrate proper laboratory techniques



















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