The Penn-Delco School District’s Language Arts Curriculum is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  These standards are the framework for teaching all subjects and all grade levels.

      A .Students in Kindergarten who meet the reading standards are able to:

    §  Discuss the title, illustrations, and use background knowledge to make predictions before reading.

    §  Preview the text and apply concepts of print (left to right progression, line sweep, locate known letters and words)

    §  Recognize the letters of the alphabet and the sounds related to those symbols.

    §  Use picture clues to predict unknown words.

    §  Begin to recognize high frequency sight words (an, can, it)

    §  Demonstrate an understanding of what was read through retelling.

    §  Demonstrate fluency (choral reading, rereading familiar text and patterned sentences.

    §  Recognize various genres (nursery rhymes, poetry, fairy tales)

    §  Identify literary elements in stories: main character, setting, events.


    B. Students in Kindergarten who meet writing standards are able to:

    §  Write to express a personal story.

    §  Write to inform (lists, descriptions).

    §  Draw/write on a single topic.

    §  Dictate or draw a story that is in sequential order.

    §  Write using appropriate language patterns with correct word order.

    §  Edit writing to use capital and lower case letters

    C. Students in Kindergarten who meet speaking and listening standards are able to:

    §  Listen to others and ask related questions.

    §  Listen to a selection of literature and relate it to a similar experience, predict what will happen next, and identify main characters.

    §  Speak using complete thoughts, appropriate volume and pace, and pronounce words correctly.

    §  Contribute to discussions with appropriate information.

    §  Participate in small and large group presentations: participate in everyday conversation, use oral language to work cooperatively with others.

                       For a complete copy of academic standards go to www.pde.state.us
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