•                                               GRADE 5 LANGUAGE ARTS

    The Penn-Delco School District’s Language Arts Curriculum is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  These standards are the framework for teaching all subjects and all grade levels. 


    A.   Students in Grade 5 who meet reading standards are able to:

    §  Select text for a particular purpose and preview the text format before reading to set a purpose for reading.

    §  Use knowledge of phonics, syllabication, word analysis, and context clues to decode and understand new words during reading.

    §  Identify, understand the meaning of, and correctly use key vocabulary from all curricular areas.

    §  Read and understand the passage by using self-monitoring strategies during reading: using background knowledge, self-questioning, rereading, and adjusting reading rate.

    §  Demonstrate understanding after reading by identifying the main idea, clarifying ideas through discussion, and citing evidence in text.

    §  Read and demonstrate understanding of content in informational texts by distinguishing between essential and nonessential information, differentiating fact from opinion, drawing conclusions, and making inferences from the text.

    §  Compare the use of literary elements within and between texts including characters, setting, plot, theme and point of view.

    §  Describe how the author uses literary devices to convey meaning in passages: rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, personification, simile, and metaphor.


    B.   Students in Grade 5 who meet speaking and listening standards are able to:

    §  Write multi-paragraph narrative pieces that include characters, setting, and events.

    §  Write multi-paragraph informational pieces to include descriptions, reports, and essays.

    §  Write persuasive pieces with a clearly stated opinion with appropriate supporting reasons.

    §  Write with distinct focus identifying topic, task, and audience.

    §  Write using well-developed content appropriate to the topic with organization within and between paragraphs.

    §  Write with an awareness of style using varying sentence lengths and complexity with precise nouns and strong verbs.

    §  Revise writing to improve focus, content, organization, and style.

    §  Edit writing to apply spelling strategies, punctuation, and capitalization.


    C.    Students in Grade 5 who meet speaking and listening standards are able to:

    §  Listen to others and ask related questions.

    §  Listen to a selection of literature and respond appropriately by relating text to similar experiences, predict the result of the story, and summarize the selection.

    §  Speak with a purpose using complete sentences, use appropriate volume and pace, and demonstrate an awareness of audience.

    §  Contribute to discussions by asking relevant questions and respond with appropriate feedback.

    §  Participate in small and large group discussions.


                    For a complete copy of academic standards go to www.pde.state.us.    
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