The Penn-Delco School District’s Language Arts Curriculum is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  These standards are the framework for teaching all subjects and all grade levels.

    A.   Students in Grade 1 who meet reading standards are able to:

    §  Make a prediction before reading using title and illustrations.

    §  Apply decoding strategies to unknown words (picture clues, phonics, context clues).

    §  Identify vocabulary words through words patterns, sight words, and in context.

    §  Read text using self-monitoring comprehension strategies during reading: rereading, reading ahead, adjusting reading rate.

    §  Identify and retell main ideas in fiction and nonfiction.

    §  Demonstrate understanding by answering text-related questions.

    §  Identify literary elements in a story: characters, setting, and events.

    §  Read familiar passages aloud fluently and with appropriate rate.


    B.   Students in Grade 1 who meet writing standards are able to:

    §  Write a narrative piece from personal experience.

    §  Write informational piece about a single topic.

    §  Write on a single topic using complete sentences.

    §  Write an appropriate title to the piece.

    §  Write a narrative piece with a beginning, middle, and end.

    §  Revise writing with teacher assistance to clarify language and sequence.

    §  Edit writing for capitalization, end punctuation, and the spelling of frequently used words.


    C.   Students in Grade 1 who meet speaking and listening standards are able to:

    §  Listen to others and ask related questions.

    §  Listen to a selection of literature and respond appropriately by relating to a similar experience, predict what will happen next, and retell the story.

    §  Speak using complete thoughts with appropriate pace and volume.

    §  Contribute to discussions with relevant information.

    §  Participate in small and large group discussions.


                For a complete copy of academic standards go to www.pde.state.us.
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