• Child Study Team
    Mrs. Maria Potter
    Child Study Team Coordinator
    Parkside and Coebourn Elementary Schools
    Welcome Parents!
    I am the Child Study Team coordinator at both Coebourn and Parkside Elementary Schools.
    It is my job to facilitate our Child Study Team meetings. 

    There is a specific intent to assess the students’ strengths and weaknesses based upon their academic performance and/or behavior within their classrooms. This classroom-based evaluative approach places an emphasis on the environment, instruction, and curriculum to meet the needs of all children.  Once a child is identified as needing a CST referral, the team blends the expertise, services, and resources of the general and exceptional student education staff to provide interdisciplinary support to the classroom teacher.

    Using a systematic problem-solving process, the team (principal, screening coordinator, school psychologist, reading specialist, speech and language therapist, special education teacher, regular education educators, and classroom teacher) develops effective interventions intended to be delivered in and outside of the classroom and based upon reliable and measurable information. Most students will also work with the  coordinator once or possibly twice weekly.  Parents are informed of the process and are welcome to attend their child's CST meetings.

    The student’s progress is directly and frequently monitored and used to determine the need for further intervention.  This is typically a 60 school day process.

    “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”