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    Name:  Mr. Reaume
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    Welcome to
    Aston Elementary School's

    Guidance Program
    2016 - 2017

    A note to parents
     This year's theme is "Celebrate Your Superpower". At Aston Elementary we have all worked passionately to build a strong sense of community in which all members feel valued and respected. Such an environment allows all members to safely learn and grow as they discover new abilities inside of themselves. Such discovery leads to achievements that produce that soaring, elated feeling that comes with success.  The foundation to such success rests in the process of understanding, accepting, and affirming ourselves in the context of others. Your children are growing in their self-awareness on a daily basis.  As they grow and learn, they will undoubtedly face many challenges. Our school counseling program is here to provide support to your child as he or she engages in this process of self-creation.

    It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with you in guiding your children through the exciting and dynamic elementary school years. You, as parents or guardians, are essential in the process here and I encourage your input regarding the guidance program.  Together, I truly believe that we can help your children reach their potential and leave Aston Elementary with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to find success and contentment in their lives.
    Bill Reaume 
    School Counselor 


    Program Overview

    Our guidance program is a proactive, comprehensive and developmental approach to addressing the wide variety of needs that our students present.  We strive toward our mission by offering a balanced program that provides services through the four program components of guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning and system support.

    We view our students as unique individuals with a variety of learning styles, areas of intelligence, personalities, capabilities, needs and interests.  We believe that a child's ability to manage his or her emotions, navigate interpersonal interactions and maintain a sense of competence and self-worth is foundational to successful learning.  The school counseling program focuses on children's competencies and builds upon the strengths that each child possesses.  As a result of participating in this program, all students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become productive, contributing members of society.


    Guidance Curriculum

    The structure and nature of the guidance curriculum delivery model is fluid and evolving.  The current curriculum is designed to address the developmental needs of students as they progress through elementary school.  Topics such as anger management, respecting differences, personal safety, dealing with criticism, alcohol and other drug education and many other subjects are covered in our guidance classroom.  If you have a need for any additional information about the guidance curriculum, please feel free to contact me so that we can set up an appointment to discuss your questions and concerns.  We believe that such a proactive approach to addressing these issues provides all of our students with the knowledge and skills they need to meet many of the challenges with which they are confronted. 

    Responsive Services

    Responsive services include individual counseling,
    small group counseling, consultation and referral.

    Personal Counseling
    Counseling is provided on a small group and individual basis for students whose problems or difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns, or normal developmental tasks are affecting their school performance.  It focuses on helping students to identify problems and causes, alternatives, and possible consequences, and to take action when appropriate.  Children are referred to the counselor in several ways:  self-referral (most common), teacher referral and parent referral.

    Please utilize a parent referral form (available in the guidance office or from the classroom teacher) to contact the school counselor regarding any specific needs your child may have for school counseling.  Typical topics of school-based counseling groups include dealing with academic stress, making friends, coping with separation or divorce, ADD / ADHD, grief and anger management.  Our school's groups develop out of the presenting needs of our students.

    Consultation and Referral
    At times, the counselor may consult with students, parents, teachers, other educators and community agencies regarding strategies to help students deal with and resolve personal concerns.  The school counselor is also available to assist parents in identifying appropriate community-based services for their children.

    Individual Planning 

    Individual planning refers to the advisement, assessment, placement and follow-up of students.  This involves helping students set individual goals, make plans, and get oriented to new school settings.  Our school counselor is the 504 case manager for our school and is also actively involved in creating behavioral interventions to support individual students in their efforts to success. 

    System Support

    System support is the last of our four program components and involves supporting the program through community outreach and internal school system interaction.  Our counselor is an active member of our PBIS committee as well as our Sunshine committee.

    If you have any questions about the guidance program at Aston or specific concerns about your child, feel free to contact Mr. Reaume by email at wreaume@pdsd.org or voice mail at 610-497-6300 ext 4115.


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