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     Name: Christine Leiser
    Email Address: cleiser@pdsd.org 
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    Phone number: 610-497-6300  Ext. 4204


    Best Wishes to the families of Room 204 for a fun filled, safe, and pleasant summer!

    Thank you for your support this year.  The summer reading packets are ready on the PDSD webpage.  Students also received Math "Step-Up" skills to practice in preparation for fifth grade.   Rainy days DO happen in the summer.  Any reading, writing, or math practice can make a difference for success next year!!! 

     The SME program can be accessed from home.  It is a valuable program that will enhance learning and reinforce valuable concepts in both Math and Reading.  Please use it as often as possible!  Let me know if you need the instructions.
    (There is a link included on my webpage for easy access!)
    Please be sure to refer to this webpage often for announcements, homework, and useful links.  It will be updated regularly. 

    balls CELEBRATE balloons LEARNING!!!balloon

    All students who are out due to illness, please try to keep up with the homework, so as not to fall too far behind.  It will be listed on this webpage almost everyday.  Best wishes getting healthy again!
     Specials Schedule:

    (NOTE:  This schedule is new as of September 2018.)

    Monday - Art

    Tuesday - Physical Education

    Wednesday - Music

    Thursday - Phusical Education

     Friday - Technology


    * Please check schoolbags daily for handouts and other materials.  The yellow take home folder should be used to transfer all newsletters and papers that need to go back and forth each day.  Feel free to replace the folder at any time during the school year. 
    Thank you!
    owlDaily Schedule:  
    9:00-9:10  Morning Meeting  
                                                                                                      9:10-10:10  Math  
                                                            10:10-10:50  S.S./Science
    10:50-11:45  Recess/Lunch
    11:50-12:20  RTII
    12:30-2:00  ELA (Reading)
    2:00-2:30   Writing Workshop
    2:30-2:40  Pack-Up
    2:35-3:15   Special
    3:20-3:30  Dismissal
    Please consider signing up for a free website that provides rigorous and stimulating practice in mathematics.
    Another worthwhile website that focuses on drilling math facts is xtramath.org.  It is also free!!!
    Once signed up, students can visit this site at home AND at school.  CHECK IT OUT!!!
    * Please sign any graded work & return it to be filed.  The data is used for report cards.  Tests that students need to study for are announced on this website, as well as written in the assignment book...hopefully!

    * You may want to visit the webpages of specialists and other classes because there are many worthwhile activities provided for students to benefit from.


    balloon    Monday, June 10, 2018:  
     Reading - read for at least 20 minutes. No more Logs!  
     Math -  We are done with Mad Minutes for the year, unless a student requests some sheets to continue drilling.  The supply is endless!
     RemindersBring instrument tomorrow if have lessons on Tuesdays!!!
    Be sure to check schoolbags daily for important papers, obsolete materials, and other items.  Students should use the yellow folder to keep all homework sheets and papers that go back and forth to school.
            sun  Tuesday, June 11, 2019:
    Reading -    
    Math -  NO MM DUE.  
     Reminders:  Many items go home for parents.  Please check you child's schoolbag daily for important papers/forms.  Parent/guardian needs to sign or initial Reading LOG each week, when we have one.

      birdhouse   Wednesday, June 12, 2019:
    Reading -  read for at least 20 minutes; Log. Take Reading Counts test as soon as a book is finished being read.  Bring the book to school to assist you with the test.  
    Math - NO MM. 
    REMINDERS: Please bring schoolbags again tomorrow!  11:15 dismissal.  The blue & white folder will be sent home today.  Please keep them!
        buds  Thursday,June 13, 2019:
    11:15 Dismissal Today
    Reading -   Read for 20 or more minutes each night. All students should be actively participating in Reading Counts.  Your support of this program is greatly appreciated! 
    Math -   NO MM DUE.  
    Visit SME as often as possible - for BOTH Math and Reading.  It is an excellent tool to strengthen skills.
    Reminders:  Instrumental lessons are on Monday and Tuesday - depending on what instrument you play!   Students can borrow books from our class library to use at any time of the year.  These books can be kept as long as needed.  
    Flashcards are recommended for students who need to drill their facts.  Using these will strengthen accuracy and speed.  Those who are strong in all operations could shuffle a deck of all four operations to practice shifting their thought processes. 
    September - Initiative
    October - Contentment
    November - Cooperation
    December - Compassion
    January - Self Control
    February - Service 
    March - Individuality
    April - Hope
    May - Perseverance
    June - Wisdom



     The Reading Counts goal this year is to exceed the goal reached by each individual student LAST year.  ALL students should be able to earn a minimum of 100 points by June.  There will be a monthly goal set - that every student should be able to achieve.
    September - 6 points
    October - 8 points
    November - 10 points
    December - 10 points
    January - 10 points
    February - 10 points
    March - 15 points
    April - 20 points
    May - 25 points
    cartWe must recognize students who reach their goals.  Those who go that extra mile each month will be applauded for their efforts!
    CONGRATULATIONS to Riley, Nellie, Tristan, Kaelyn, Leigh Ann, Reegan, Lynnette, Hunter, Stevie, Angelena, Taylor, Dominic, Jessica, Nick D., Cara, Sam, Gabby, Evan, and Cailyn for earning 100 points since school started!  The other students are closing in on that goal.
    Keep on reading!!!    

    Good luck to those who work hard to achieve reading goals!
    We have THREE millionaires in our class, too.  HOORAY to Riley, Nellie, and Tristan for reaching this ambitious goal!!!
    Students who earned 25 or more points for Reading Counts in May received treats for their efforts!  The best treat of all, however, is becoming a better reader!!! 
    Seven students earned recognition for reaching the monthly goal six months in a row.  HOORAY to Nellie, Riley, Tristan, Leigh Ann, Kaelyn, Angelena, and Lynnette!!!!!!!!!!
    The "Book It" program runs from October until March.  Students who reach their monthly goal in Reading Counts will be awarded a free personal pan pizza.  THANK YOU to this wonderful company for helping young students want to read more!!!
    NOTE: Please be aware that the information on this webpage is limited and changes may not always come in a timely manner.  Specific information that you are looking for may not always be found here.