A.M. Session: 8:50 - 11:30
    P.M. Session : 12:40 - 3:20
    Dates to remember:
    28th - No A.M. Kindergarten...P.M. class comes to school at 8:50 and dismisses at 11:15 with the whole school.
    1st - Field Trip to Bellevue State Park.  
    3rd - Picture Day and Dress up day! 
    If at any time you wish to contact me, please use my email pkrause@pdsd.org or call the school at (610) 497-6300 Ex. 4500.
    Arrival - Students should line up at the Kindergarten Entrance, under the overhang, by their room number  116.
    A guardian must accompany each student until school begins. Please do not leave your child unattended.
    Dismissal - All classes are dismissed at the Kindergarten Entrance. Students are dismissed one at a time to their parent or guardian. Anyone other than the parent must have their drivier's license on record in the office. Please go to the office and they will make a copy of your license and put it in your child's folder. This only has to be done once.
              Suggestions For Practice At Home
    Establish a quiet space for your child to do his/her homework each night. Talk to your child about a homework routine. Gather the necessary supplies to have on hand for homework time. For example: sharpened pencils, paper, glue sticks, safety scissors, crayons etc. Keep them in a supply box to have on hand.



    While driving or walking, use words like left and right to describe the direction you are going.


    Help your child practice writing his/her name. Use a capital letter in the beginning, all other letters should be lower case. We will be using "golf" pencils in the classroom to help improve your child's pencil grip.


    Play matching games and board games to strengthen visual memory, counting skills and following rules.


    Please READ, READ, READ to and with your child.