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    May birthdays:
    7 -Andrey


    Every month we learn and focus on a new character trait that will help us to become better students, friends, neighbors and successful citizens. At the end of each month, one studen is choosen who best examplifies that word in the classroom. 


    May value of the month



    Congratulations to Skylar for
    student of the month!


    Students of the month for the 2017-2018 School Year:
    September(initiative): Eryk
    October(contentment): Mason
    November(cooperation): Sophia
    December(compassion): Chase
    January(self control):  Morgan
    February(service): Camryn

    March(individuality): Skylar 



    Fun Ways to Practice Spelling
    and Sight Words:



    Home Run:

    v Get in batter’s position.

    v Say the word letter by letter.

    v As you say each letter of the word, swing the baseball bat.

    v Say the entire word at the end and swing for the fences!

    (example: B-O-A-T  BOAT!)


    Snap and Clap:

    v Say the word letter by letter.

    v Snap your fingers for each vowel in the word, clap for each consonant in the word.         

    Frog Hop:

    v Get ready to hop like a frog.

    v Say the word letter by letter.

    v As you say each letter, hop up like a frog.

    v Say the entire word at the end and try to hop to the moon!



    v Say the word letter by letter.

    v Kick for each consonant, punch for each vowel.



    v Chant the word letter by letter.

    v Say, “Give me a B! Give me an O! Give me an A! Give me a T!

    What does that spell? BOAT!”



    v Write each word from the list on two index cards to make a pair.

    v Mix up the cards and put face down in rows. With a partner, take turns flipping over two cards to try to make a match. If no match is made, turn cards face down again. Next player goes. Person to make the most matches wins.


    Use sidewalk chalk to create games to help reinforce spelling and/or sight words.

    v Create a hopscotch board.  Jump to each letter as you spell the words.

    v Create a tic-tac-toe board with letters in each box. Spell words as you play.

    v Play hangman with spelling or sight words.