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    Office of Student Residency Page


    This page is designed to help you understand many of the residency related processes in Penn-Delco.  Below you will find information on registration, reverification, changes of address, requests for transportation and more.  To the left you will find links to the necessary packets and forms that we reference below.  If you have any questions about a specific process or any of these forms, please contact the office of student residency at (610) 497-6300 extension 1308.
    General Student Registration Information
    A parent or legal guardian must  complete the registration forms in the links to the left and follow the registration procedure to: enroll a new student in the District, request special education or gifted testing for a student registered in a private school, or return a previous enrolled student to our schools. 
    District policy requires that all students entering Kindergarten must be five (5) years old by September 1st of the year they are registering for, and that all students entering 1st grade must be six (6) years old by September 1st of the year they are registering for.

    All registrations in Penn-Delco are by appointment only and are completed at the Administration Building located at 2821 Concord Road Aston, PA 19014.  Prior to scheduling your appointment, please make sure that you have gathered all of the required documents on your checklist and that you have completed the registration forms in the links to the left.  If you are missing any paperwork we will not be able to schedule you for an appointment. 


    The District cannot complete registration without standard proof of residency, required registration forms, birth certificate, and immunization records.  The registration process, in its entirety, may take anywhere from three (3) to five (5) business days from the time that all of your documents have been received by the District.
    Appointments are scheduled during the school year Monday – Friday from 8:00am until 2:30pm.  During the summer months, appointments are scheduled Monday – Thursday from 8:00am until 3:30pm.  To schedule an appointment, please call the office of student residency at  (610) 497-6300 extension 1308.
    Tuition and Non-resident Students
    Penn-Delco School District does not accept tuition students.  If you do not live within the boundaries of the District, we cannot register your child.  If you would like to know if your address falls within the District’s boundaries please contact the Office of Student Residency.
    Standard Proof of Residency

    For proof of residency, Penn-Delco School District requires one original document from each list reflecting your name and current address:


    List A (Proof of ownership or rental) – Settlement paperwork for a home owned less than one (1) month, mortgage, current month mortgage statement or bill, deed to property, current year county, borough, township or school district tax bill, or current and valid residential lease agreement.*

    List B (Current utility) – Electric bill, water bill, sewer bill, cable bill, home phone bill, home heating oil bill, or any additional bill for service that is provided to your property directly. Please note that cell phone and credit card bills are not acceptable forms of documentation.


    List C (Parent Identification) – Pennsylvania Driver’s License, or Pennsylvania State Identification Card
    *Please note that if your name is not on the document from List A, you will need to provide the School District with completed and notarized Multiple Occupancy forms.
    Residency Reverification
    Penn-Delco School Board Policy requires parents/guardians of students attending school within the District to submit residency documentation for students.  The Penn-Delco School District reserves the right to request the reverification of resident status at any grade level.  Students living in the home of a resident in accordance with Section 1302 of the School Code of PA, and those students residing in multiple occupancy and rented homes are required to reverify residency every year.

    To complete the residency reverification process, you will need to supply Standard Proof of Residency in one of the following four (4) ways:

    1. You may bring the documentation in person to the Administration Building located at 2821 Concord Road, Aston PA 19014 during normal business hours.

    2. You may fax the required documentation to  (610) 619-9223.

    3. You may mail your documents to The Office of Student Residency at the address listed above.

    4.  You may send the documents as a PDF e-mail attachment to mowens@pdsd.org


    Please note that each document must reflect your current Penn-Delco School District address.  Please be sure to have all of your documents with you, as partial reverifications will not be accepted.  If you would like a confirmation of receipt and completion of the process, please clearly indicate this along with an e-mail address where we can send the confirmation.
    Change of Address
    Have you recently moved within the District?  Did you know that most of the mailings sent out by your child’s school are not able to be forwarded through the United States Postal Service?  While you may have updated your child’s emergency cards at their school building, this alone does not formally change your address on file with the District.  This means that mailings will continue to be sent to your old address until you have completed the change of address process with the Office of Student Residency.  In order for us to better serve you, and to make sure that you receive important mailings please be sure to download and complete the Change of Address form below.  Changes of address within Penn-Delco do require that you provide standard proof of residency for your new address.  Please provide the
    completed form and standard proof of residency to our office in the Administration Building.
    Please click here to view the Change of Address form.
    Change of Name
    Have you had your child’s name legally changed?  If you have gone through the process of changing your child’s name through the court system and would like us to update our files, please download and complete the change of name form below.  When submitting this form we will also need you to provide the child’s new birth certificate or the finalized court order.  The Office of Student Residency will make sure that everyone who needs this new information is made aware of the change.  Please provide the completed form to our office in the Administration Building.
    Please click here to view the Change of Name form.
    Private School  Request for Transportation
    If your child attends a private school and you would like to see if you qualify for transportation through the Penn-Delco School District, please download and complete the request for transportation form below.  Your processed request will be sent to our Transportation Department for review.  They will determine if you qualify for transportation services.  Requests for transportation do require standard proof of residency.  Please provide the completed form and standard proof of residency to our office in the Administration Building.
    Please click here to view the Request for Transportation form.
    Multiple Occupancy
    If you live in our District but are not the legal homeowner or lessee of the property, these forms will be an additional requirement for any registration, reverification, or change of address.  In the event that you live in a home owned by another family member or friend, or if you live in a home where you do not have a formal lease agreement, these papers will need to be completed with the property owner and submitted with current proof of ownership, a current utility bill, and both parties State identification in order to satisfy our District’s residency requirements.  Instructions for specific documentation requirements are included with these forms which can be found below.
    Please click here to view the Multiple Occupancy form.