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    Name: Ms. J. York
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    Your World War I assessment is due Friday, May 10
    World War I

    Coming Up:
    Roaring Twenties & Great Depression
    States (& Capitals) Study Games:
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    Extra Songs...
    50 States Song (Really Fast - slow speed to hear states :-))
    Welcome to 8th grade.
    Our job this year is to get you ready for high school.
    What does that mean?
    It means it's time for YOU to take responsibility for your learning.
    What We're Learning This Year:
    This year we will cover:
    Reconstruction, Western Expansion, Industrialization, Immigration, Urbanization, America Becomes a World Power, WWI, Roaring 20s, The Great Depression, WWII...
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    Do not lose your social studies notebook. If you do, everything which has not been graded, will need to be redone.
    If you miss class for ANY reason, it is YOUR responsibility to any work you might have missed AND it is YOUR responsibility to turn that work in.  If you do not get the assignment or fail to turn it in after completion, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO for the assignment.  This is 8th grade - it is time for YOU to be responsible for your grade.
    Parents, so that your child receives the most from the lessons in class, please to make sure they attend every day.  Classroom discussions cannot be made part of notes and are often the most valuable piece of a chapter.
    If a presentation or major assignment is missed due to absence, an alternative assignment may be assigned at the teacher's discretion.

    5 points - Come sing the preamble to the Constitution to me.

    (as seen in Schoolhouse Rocks!)
    May be done in private, but must be sung...


    To answer this question - put your name and answer on a piece of small paper and hand to me - or email me from the link at the top of this page.

    Describe the Native American influence on the most important document of our nation.

    2 pts. 



    When viewing yoru grades, you may see the following:

    BLANK - no scores have been entered for that assignment yet

    - the student has no penalty to their grade for that assignment - either because of absence (no need or not able to make up the assignment) or because the assignment has been turned in, but not graded.

    0 - the student earned a zero on the assignment