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    Welcome to Miss Sharp's
    Name: Miss Sharp
    Email Address: ssharp@pdsd.org
    Phone number: (610) 497-6300 x3308

    Welcome to Miss Sharp's webspace!

    In Art, Grades 6-8, we will do a variety of hands-on projects to explore the world of art! Topics covered include design, perspective, art history and culture, media exploration and creative and divergent thinking.
    We will be focusing on the Seven Major ELEMENTS of ART :
    • line
    • color
    • shape
    • space
    • value
    • form
    • texture 

    There is no homework in Art.


    All students will receive a numerical grade in Art on their report cards. 8th Grade students will have a major written test on Color Theory that counts as TWO grades.

     Please email me with any specific grade questions: ssharp@pdsd.org

    My grading policy allows students to make up any missing work up until the last day of the quarter or quintile.

     Students receiving a low grade on any project or class work can re-submit finished work and replace their low grade without penalty.

     Room 8 is a busy, amazing, wonderful place!

    8th Grade Shading Study 7th Grade Fall Silhouettes
    - Meets most Mondays from 3-3:45pm starting 10/5/15. Drop in for a permission slip!

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