• Welcome to Ms# Sayre's Website!

    Name: Ms# Nicki Sayre
    Email Address:  nsayre@pdsd#org
    Phone number:#610# 497-6300 x3355
    As the 6th grade counselor, I work with students, parents, and teachers to ensure a smooth transition from 5th to 6th grade#  I provide short-term individual counseling, group counseling, and some classroom presentations#  My goal is to assist students in developing their full potential by eliminating barriers to success!  Students are welcome to visit me by filling out a "note to see the counselor," found in any classroom or visit guidance during lunch#  Parents are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns#  Please visit the NMS Guidance Website for more information on our services!
    I also coach volleyball at NMS and co-facilitate Student Council and Northley Navigators.

    Information on the Guidance Department may be found under the NMS Guidance tab or in the "Staff Directory/Guidance Department#"