• Name: Ms. Ritz - 8th Reading
    Email Address: mritz@pdsd.org
    Phone number:  610-497-6300  x3115

    Welcome to 8th grade Reading!!   If you have any questions regarding 8th reading , please contact me!! 
    PARENTS: Please view my Gradeook for updated grades
    I am excited to begin my 19th year at Northley Middle School.  For the 1st 7 years of my career, I taught 8th grade Social Studies.  This is my 12th year teaching Reading.  Besides teaching, I teach Zumba 2-3 times a week.  I have 3 children.  This year, my oldest son is starting 10th grade and my twins are starting 5th grade.  I am looking forward to a great  school year!!
    Reading Counts

    Reading Counts book should be with you EVERY day for EVERY Class............Keep Reading!!
    Students should be reading 20-30 minutes each night, following the Reading Counts Contract.  
    GOAL: 4 books, 250,000 words, 70% average quiz score or higher

    Monday - Thursday READ for 20 minutes each night